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Hello there!

This is an Add-On for the fantastic SOG-Campaign!
It should only be used AFTER you played the Original Campaign at least once or it will spoil some of the Fun. This Add-On does NO Fixes. Use the fix from BecomingX instead!

To install simply put ALL files of the data-folder in the data folder of your installation of UB - replacing existing files!

Changes so far:

- crate in n11_b1 now accessible
- other crate openable - but still tough!
- Tay Ninh and Am_LOc are bow real Towns (short Travel)
- added BC quest (only in easy mode!)
- added some money
- way back from Am_Loc to Tay Ninh
(No, I wont tell you where....)
- new start sector H7 - now looks like the rest
- 3 new MyweaponsUB.txt files for use with wedit!
rename and use "save data to UB bat" file.
you should make a backup of your JA2UB.exe first.
- new RPCs:
- Manuel
- Biggins
- John
- Hamous
- Eve (activated)
- Vince (activated) and recruitable!
(but cannot be used for healing beforehand)
CAUTION: Hamous has to be paid per day - not only once!
- the full roster of AIM and Merc as well as the "old" RPCs have been updated

Thats all for the changes so far.

I must tell you, that there are NO soundfiles available (because of size)!
If you want to use all of the new features you NEED to add the following:

all Files for
- battlesnds
- npc-speech
- speech

for the following characters from JA2:

- 69 Vince
- 63 Hamous - all 063_* must be renamed to 071_*
- 72 Maddog (replaced by Eve)

If all thats done, you can start the game!

Have a lot of fun!


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